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Inpatient Center

In addition to its in-home, hospital, and nursing home care, Hospice Quality Care offers a free standing inpatient facility, one of only two in the state of Oklahoma.
With inpatient care, Registered Nurses (RNs) are available around the clock to administer medications, treatments, and emotional support to make the patient more comfortable.
Inpatient care is considered short term and would be discontinued once a patient's symptoms were under control and they were comfortable. If the patient was admitted to an inpatient unit, they may then be discharged back home.
The main focus at our in-patient facility is to provide a calm and quiet environment for end-of-life care and helping families deal with death. It is much more comfortable for families and friends than a hospital and we offer many amenities for our patients and their guests. Even pets are welcome! 

Security is important to us: the in-patient facility is a locked facility and only those with a passcode are allowed inside.